Dermatology & Andrology

Dermatology & Andrology

This department prvides a wide range of services under (Dr.Hamza Sharief) who is a specialist with 20 years experience in the Egyptian hospitals.

This department specializes in diagnosing and treating these diseases:

  • Antenatal Counseling
  • skin, hair & nail diseases
  • sexually transmitted diseases (eg.syphilis,gonorrhea)
  • Male infrtility
  • Andrology (Sex problems .eg.weak erection,weak libido,premature ejaculation)


Many skin conditions need only medications and non invasive therapies,while others require more invasive approaches. these procedures can take place in the out patient clinic which may include but not limited to

  • Antenatal Counseling
  • Electrical cautery
  • skin biopsy
  • intralesional injection cosmetic procedures (Eg. PRP for hair & skin) chemical peeling,facial cleansing & comedo extraction)



We provide the highest possible standard of care and treatment in a professional and compassionate manner to every person who avails of our services” and Our medical specialists are certified medical specialist, PHD holders in their field of specializations, with experience rage of 7-40 years

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Hama Sharif,

BDS, FCPS (Hons), PhD (Japan)


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