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Emergency Department

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Emergency Department

The Emergency department is very high-pressure, fast-paced specialty that has diversity team with broad base of medical knowledge and a variety of well-honed clinical and technical skills. The department focuses on the recognition, evaluation and care of patients who are acutely ill or injured. It is staffed by a team of emergency physicians, Nurses and Specialist who attend to patient as required they work together and treat patients of all ages and a nearly infinite variety of conditions and degrees of illness – often before a definite diagnosis is made and within time-restricted circumstances. The approach to treatment in the emergency department can vary dramatically from case to case, even for the same medical condition, depending on whether it’s a pediatric patient versus a geriatric patient and in between. They often deal with critical and trauma patient from disaster or Accident and have to work efficiently with in minutes, as that can be the difference between life and death for the patient.
The department is divided in to the the general ER with 9 beds and Pediatric ER with 4 beds and on average they see about 40 to 60 patient per day The emergency department works 24/7 round the year 365 days The department has emergency physician with teams of 6 competent nursing staff who use highly developed clinical reasoning skills to care for patients with acute and often undifferentiated medical problems, frequently before complete clinical or diagnostic information is available.

Clinical areas include

  • injuries from accidents, physical assaults or falls
  • heart attack and stroke
  • severe pain
  • problems with breathing or bleeding
  • broken bones
  • loss of consciousness
  • worsening of a serious illness
  • drug overdoses or poisoning
  • allergic reactions
  • pregnancy complications
  • mental illness
  • Burns



It is a non-induced fetal death or passage of products of conception before 2 wks gestation. It is a medical emergency as vaginal bleeding occurs during this condition.


This condition involves temporary or permanent damage to the brain tissues. It is a result of a hard impact on the head or brain which is often associated with internal bleeding or swelling of the brain.


Heart attack is a serious medical emergency in which the supply of blood to the heart is blocked usually due to a blood clot. The person experiences tightness and pain in the chest.


Most of the traumas are caused by motor bike accidents or falls. Very rarely people are a victim to stabbing or shooting. Trauma may result in an assortment of injuries to various parts of the body.


When basic functions like, the bringing of oxygen and removal of carbon-di-oxide from the blood stream, are impaired, a life-threatening situation may occur.


Bone fracture is a medical emergency where in the continuity of the bone is broken due to high force impact or stress. The person undergoes immense pain and trauma.