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Internal Medicine

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Internal Medicine

Dr hassan zain Specialist in internal medicine a broad-based specialty that has its roots in primary care and is dedicated to providing primary and specialty care to adults. He diagnoses and manages diseases involving any of the organ systems, specially trained to manage seriously ill patients suffering from advanced illness and diseases of more than one system.

Dr hassan and his team of local Somali Doctors provide care in the hospitals as inpatient and at the Out Patient Department  as ambulatory. they tend to the medical needs of patients, including disease prevention, early detection of disease, screening, patient education and follow-up care from after hospitalization.

They operate Diabetic and Hypertension clinic where patients are monitored, educated and ongoing long time care is provided.

He manages acute and chronic illness of all patients and he consults with other patients that have been referred to him by other physicians.

Dr hassan sub-specialize in the following areas of internal medicine: Critical care medicine, Infectious diseases, Neurology, Respiratory medicine, Rheumatology, Endocrinology, metabolism, Geriatrics, Hematology, Medical oncology, Clinical allergy and immunology

Various conditions, we commonly treat

  • Recurrent infections such as cold, sore throat, cystitis thrush, chest infections, and bacterial infections
  • Some persistent symptoms where tests have not revealed a serious underlying disorder
  • Asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Endocrine (glandular) disorders such as under-active thyroid
  • All Types of diabetes
  • Some types of heart disease, high blood pressure, and palpitations 
  • Chronic headaches such as migraine or tension-type headache
  • STD such as syphilis, gonorrhea,herbes.
  • Geriatric illness, Alzheimer’s
  • Side effects of prescribed medications
  • Malaria, typhoid
  • hypertension

Meet Our Team

We provide the highest possible standard of care and treatment in a professional and compassionate manner to every person who avails of our services” and Our medical specialists are certified medical specialist, PHD holders in their field of specializations, with experience rage of 7-40 years.

Internal Medicine