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Dr Walid Salih Osman,

interal medicine

nteral medicine specilist, SudanMedical specialization Board

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Dental specialist

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Cardiology Consultant

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Dentist & maxillofacial surgeon

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Dr Ayham Issa Abo Issa

intranal Medicine

Ph.D, Ophthalmologists, Specialist in Retina and Cornea, ICO certificate-London, Dr…

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Consultant of neurology, Syrian Commission for Medical Specialities – Syrian…

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Doctor of dental Surgery Damascus university, Dentist at somali sudanese…

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Dr Fadi Khaleel Alsuleman

Internal medicine

,Bachelor’s degree of medicine, Faculty of medicine Aleppo University 2002,…

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Dental Specialist

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Dr abdihakim elmi abdishakur

intranal medicine

Mbbs sudan, Master of general surgery (( egypt), Fellwoship ofpediatric…

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obstetrics consultant, Gynaecology & MMB (Tishreen university, Master degree of…

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Dr. Abdirahman Ali

Internal Medicine

MBBS, MMed Out, Head of Internal Medicine Department and lecturer…

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Dr. Hiba Adan Ahmed


Gynaecology Consultant

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Dr Mohammed Abel ALMUNIM MUSa Mohammed

Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant

Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant, -ALSO instructor, Diploma and Nutrition  and…

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Dr-Omer EL shareaf

consultant pediatrician and pediatric

consultant pediatrician and pediatric, endocrinologist & diabetologist, Assistant Professor University…

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