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Dr Ammar Dibb

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Dr Ammar Dibb
General Surgery
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Dr Ammar Dib i general surgeon provides surgical care for the whole patient. This includes making a diagnosis; preoperative, operative and postoperative management of the patient; and the surgical treatment of the: alimentary tract; abdomen and its contents, including the pelvis; breast, skin and soft tissue; and endocrine system. It includes pediatric surgery, breast operation, Thyroidectomy operation, chest tube operations, appendectomy, Laparotomy, Colostomy. He also performs operations such as Hernia, Hemorrhoid, Anal fissure, abscess drainage, minor and major soft tissue operations and skin crafts. He operates with both Laparoscopic and open surgery. He works with Local Somali Doctors who are trained and work very closely with him He looks after patient in both inpatient and outpatient capacity.

Specialty General Surgery
Degrees M.D. of Medicine
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday